First Visit

On your first visit, you will be warmly welcomed by our beautiful Chiropractic Assistants. The goal of your first visit with us is to determine if Chiropractic is a good fit for you.

Upon meeting our friendly Chiropractors, we will perform a thorough case history. This includes tracing back through your life events that have contributed to your current health state. We will then perform an extensive physical examination, including Chiropractic, orthopaedic and neurological tests. If further information is required, we can refer for x-rays, CT or MRI scans.

Second Visit

We believe that your best health decisions are made through being informed. The purpose of the second visit is to explain the results of testing done so far and discuss the best options available. Often it is the second visit where you receive you first Chiropractic Adjustment and we establish an individualised plan to get you back on track.

Special Visits

Often in health care facilities, the red carpet is laid down in the first few visits and after that, the attention diminishes.

In our practice, we are committed to making every visit a special visit where the focus is on you as a unique individual. 

Tracking your Progress

We frequently monitor your progress through functional examinations and testing. It is important to us that you're seeing great value and outcomes from your Chiropractic Care.